Our Patients Speak !

"Last week I could not lift my left arm to change clothes. For a week prior I had intense pain in my neck, collar bone and shoulder area, and the muscles under my left shoulder blade. Following my adjustment, I could lift my arm without pain and the other sharp pains I was experiencing subsided." MHL Carmel, IN

"Dr Nancy and her staff are always professional and friendly! Her combination of exercise, therapy, and adjustments helped for a speedy recovery." - LKB

"Our family loves Dr Nancy! She's always been there through our aches and pains. Dr. Nancy, you're the best! "- JLW

"Dr Nancy and staff are wonderful! I would recommend their services to anyone. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and Dr Nancy is excellent at chiropractic care. The best chiropractic office experience I have had! "- NLH

"Combined with massage, chiropractic body work made significant changes in my quality of life, posture, and future health. I have avoided/helped/eliminated many of the aging problems such as sore wrists, thumbs, and the hump at the back of my neck. "- MET

"Very pleased with the results! What a life saver! "- CLE

"Dr Nancy has kept me out of surgery since 2003. I have a serious problem in my lower back and the manner in which she administers to me and keeps me in line is what keeps me on my feet." - JKT

"Dr Nancy is the best chiropractor I have been to. When I leave her office after treatment, I feel like a million bucks. I can come in to the office even if I don't have an appointment. Dr Nancy and her staff are always very courteous. " - AK

"Dr. Nancy is the only chiropractor who has been able to work on my neck and not give me headaches. I always feel better when I leave her office." BW

My family and I have been coming to Dr. Nancy for over 17 years. It has truly made a difference in our health and our daily lives." DC

"The care is the best! Life would be very hard without Dr. Nancy" BJA

"Dr Nancy has always been readily available for an appointment. She is so friendly, professional and extremely well versed in Chiropractic Care." SLR

"Dr. Nancy is by far the very best chiroprator I have ever seen. She is extremely knowledgable about the hnuman body and her craft". MPB

"Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, Dr Nancy has always helped me overcome the pain because she is so professional." JYC

"Wonderful friendly people and great chiropractic care!" MM

"The care I've received from Dr. Elwartowski is outstanding. She's been very attentive to my needs and her care resulted in a definate improvement in my neck and back." SP

"I have been going to Dr Nancy for a few years now and prior to that, I was constantly searching for back pain relief. I had tried other chiropractors but did not receive the same results. Her office has a friendly and knowledgeable staff and a passion for chiropractic care." RT

"very professional and great results!" AB

"It's nice to know when I feel life's ache's and pains, I don't have to take medication to relieve it-I can come in and see Dr. Nancy for an adjustment and achieve good health....naturally. KB

"I wondered why I waited so long to be able to feel this good" BR

"I would like to see everyone enjoy all the benefits of Chiropractic, it helped me with my low back, mid back and neck pain. My feet used to go numb and I'd have tingling and shooting pain through my arm to fingertips." CW

"I got tired of taking drugs for my slipped disc" BR

" I had sciatica and am so glad it's worked for us, when nothing else worked, chiropractic did the trick! Fast, easy and painless." SM

"Chiropractic helped me with my menstrual irregularities" AH

"I am a firm believer in chiropractic- my children are checked on a monthly basis to catch problems before they progress, my husband is feeling better and I have definately benefitted. SB

"My family doctor recommended I see a chiropractor for my sinus headaches and neck tightness" JC